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The Freedom Group was founded by Rick Jenkins in 2010 in Dothan, Alabama.  Rick saw a need to offer a more hands on approach to businesses.  So many payment processing companies would simply sign a business up for their services and move on to the next account.  This, along with the industries shady sales tactics, long term contracts and rates that seem to creep up over time, led Rick to build something radically different.  Freedom Payment Systems has become more than just a payment processing solution provider.  They are a valuable resource to their clients and truly add value to a business.  Prior to this time Rick had been in the payments industry since 1997.  Starting off with credit card processing, he soon learned that businesses needed so much more in order to stay competitive and to be successful.  Other products and services were added such as check processing, gift and loyalty programs, ATM’s and point of sale systems.  To date, TFG works with over 30 different payment solution partners. Our goal is to provide you and your business with the tools that you need to see your business dreams come to life.

Rick runs TFG heavily based on a great quote by the infamous Zig Ziglar.

You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want”


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